Probate & Trust Administration Attorney in Punta Gorda, Flordia

When a loved one passes, it is often left for the family to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are honored. This is primarily done through probate of a will or trust administration. There are many considerations such as the appointment of a fiduciary to represent the Estate or administer the Trust and may require involving the court system. I offer legal representation for the fiduciary, heirs or beneficiaries of an estate or trust.

Many find that the rules regulating the process of probate or trust administration are complex and restrictive. This is because they were enacted to protect the estate or trust as well as the beneficiaries and creditors. Our attorney and staff will assist the client to assimilate the requirements, rights and responsibilities and resolve issues which may arise.

Contact Keller Law Office to guide you through the following areas of Probate and Trust Administration:

  • Identify Assets
  • Satisfy Debts
  • Distribute Assets to Beneficiaries
  • Manage Assets