Civil Litigation Attorney in Punta Gorda, Flordia

Civil litigation may be necessary when you and another party have a dispute and can't seem to reach a mutual agreement. In these types of situations, where the parties fail to come to an understanding with another, they may opt to just take the issue to court where a judge (and sometimes a jury) can decide the outcome. If the situation seems unresolvable, hiring a civil litigator — also known as a civil trial lawyer — is an ideal strategy. While you could represent yourself, there may be aspects of the law of which you're generally unaware that can help or harm your case. By getting an experienced trial lawyer on your side, you can have confidence in your game plan because the person creating the strategy is a seasoned professional. 

I started practicing law in 1986 after earning my Juris Doctor from St. John's School of Law. Since graduating, I've been admitted to several State and U.S. District Courts in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. You can learn more about my background on my attorney profile. I have the passion, education, and skills to help you with your case — I also have the support from judges and other attorneys that speak to my credibility and capability as recognized by the Florida Bar.

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Civil Litigation Cases I Handle

  • Real Estate Disputes - If you're facing an issue concerning real estate fraud, boundary disputes, co-owner disputes, title issues, and insurance, or another type of property disagreement I can help.
  • Construction Lien Law – Whether you are a property owner or a contractor, the Florida Lien Law is there to protect your rights.  The Lien Law is specific in its procedures and implementation.  Knowing the particulars of the law is vital to ensure that property owners have clear title and contractors get paid for the work performed. If a contractor has filed a lien against your property or if you have yet to get paid for a completed project, schedule a consultation with me.
  • Will and Trust Contests - If you believe the will or trust of your loved one isn't valid and does not reflect the decedent’s true wishes, I can help you figure it out.
  • Exploitation of the Elderly - When someone takes advantage of an elder in your family for personal (often financial) gain, allow me to help make it right.
  • Contract Disputes - If you believe the terms and conditions of your agreement with another party aren't being adhered to, give me a call.
  • Business Disputes - Whether your dispute is between partners, businesses, or other parties, together we can work it out.

Southwest Florida Civil Litigation Attorney

When you need an attorney to fight for you, allow me to put my passion and skills to work for you. Located in Punta Gorda, Florida I am proud to serve DeSoto, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, and Collier counties. I have 30+ years experience with various types of civil litigation cases, from real estate disputes to exploitation of the elderly. Schedule a consultation with me today.