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Elders aren't just the senior citizens of our community. They're leaders, full of wisdom and insight to pass along to the next generation. They're the members of our society who have made their mark on their world and deserve to live out their golden years in peace and without worry. We have a lot to learn from their experiences and we owe them our respect, attention, and care.

I believe it goes without saying that elder law is one of my passions. Not only is elder law a big part of my practice, but it's also an area in which I focus through membership and leadership in professional associations and memberships. This includes being a member of Our Charlotte Elder Affairs Network (OCEAN) and earning their 2013 Sunflower Award. Previously, I devoted time to the Alzheimer's Association, of which I was a member for ten years. During my time with them, I served as vice president, board member, and chair for the Florida Council of Public Policy.  Currently, I serve as a Director for the Area Agency on Aging, which provides services to those less fortunate elders in our community and as a Director and Chair of the Legislative Committee of the Florida State Guardianship Association, the premier representative of family and professional guardians and others who serve the most vulnerable of Florida’s citizens.

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I have a special place for elders in my heart and find great honor in helping others when they need my legal expertise in this area. Some of the ways in which I help include:

Probate and Trust Administration

Probate involves appointing a representative who will be responsible for ensuring the assets of someone who has passed are distributed to the appropriate parties. This can involve assets outlined in a will and appropriately paying the decedent’s debts. Not everything the person who passed owns may be subject to the probate process. Hiring an experienced attorney can help figure that out as well as see to it that the will was accurately executed without manipulation.

A trust refers specifically to those items (cash, life insurance, property, etc) that are provided to a trustee to hold or manage for the benefit of someone else.  A trust may have been created to hold the assets of someone who has since passed. Administering that trust requires direction and guidance, which I can provide.


When you want to see to it that an elder who is not capable of managing his or her own affairs is being properly cared for, you may opt to have a guardian appointed by the court for that person’s protection. If this a route you're interested in taking, schedule a consultation with me today.

Estate Planning

It's never too soon to get your affairs in order. When you're ready to make plans, I'm here to help you come up with a solid plan.

Asset Preservation

Make sure your family assets are preserved and discover what's needed to take advantage of the Medicaid benefits available to you.

More Resources

For more resources, visit eldercarematters.com.

Southwest Florida Elder Law Attorney

Since 1997, I have taken on Florida elder law cases just like yours. You can rest assured that I have the ability and proficiency needed to take on your case with stride. My legal services in this area include probate and trust administration, guardianship, estate planning, and asset protection. If you're in Punta Gorda, Florida or a surrounding community in Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Lee or Sarasota counties, don't hesitate to get in touch.