Contract Disputes Attorney in Punta Gorda, Flordia

I can assist you when a breach of contract has occurred. A contract is a legally enforceable (binding) agreement between two or more parties. When one party fails to uphold the contract as promised, the other party may have a legal right to seek enforcement of the provisions of the contract and/or compensation for damages resulting from the other party’s conduct.

Contractual disputes can arise in the context of a variety of business or personal relations. A dispute may result when there is a failure to follow through with contractual promises. Landlord/tenant obligations, real estate contracts, the purchase and sale of goods, construction agreements, performance of services and the sale of a business are examples where a violation of obligations resulting in a dispute may occur.

There are a variety of contexts including business, personal and real estate transactions where an agreement requiring parties to perform or pay a sum of money may end in the breach of contractual duties.

The obligations of and remedies available to each of the parties may be spelled out in the contract, by statute or common law. Knowing how to discover the intentions of the parties, interpret the terms of the agreement and exact enforcement or remedy the situation is where I may assist you.