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Construction Lien Law for Property Owners


Who can file a lien against your property?

A contractor who has provided materials or performed work on your property and hasn’t been paid may place a lien on your property. For example, if you have failed to pay your contractor or if a contractor you have hired and paid in full fails to pay a subcontractor, you may be sued and a construction lien could be placed on your property. This action could subsequently result in the sale of your property to satisfy the debt represented by the lien.

Keller Law Office can assist in determining the appropriate course of legal action to suit your situation and the defenses and remedies available to resolve the dispute. The Florida Lien Law is strictly applied to contractors. Keller Law Office can help protect you with proper defenses to contractual disputes that may arise. Keller Law Office strives to protect the rights of property owners, guiding them through the complex legal process.