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Construction Lien Law for Contractors


Do you have any recourse if a property owner has failed to pay you for work on their property or for provision of materials?

Yes, a construction lien may be placed on a property to recoup your losses.

Keller Law Office can represent the contractor when a property owner fails to pay for improvements made to the property through the use of the contractor’s services or materials. Asserting a lien and ensuring that the property owner will pay for services and materials on the contract is a statutory benefit provided to you as a contractor. If you are not paid in full, you have the right to enforce a claim for payment against the property by filing a lien against the property and pursuing foreclosure of that lien.

Keller Law Office can also represent you in disputes with a subcontractor who fails to follow through to completion contracted services or when an owner has a claim about work promised or performed.

Keller Law Office can represent a contractor in the following circumstances.

  • Pursuing payment from property owners
  • To assert a Construction Lien
  • Claims for deficiencies in completed projects
  • Delay Claims
  • Claims for extras & disputed change orders